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We providefull-service diagnostics, auto repair, and maintenance for all make and model European cars and trucks.

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Our History

Spitzer Automotive was founded by John Spitzer in 1984, and has been in the same Indianapolis location since 1987. Before John was owned and operator of Spitzer Automotive, he was serving his country in the United States Air Force. And it was during his time in the military that John received his initial experience and training working on cars and trucks. After four years of service in the military, he left the Air Force in 1965 and began work as a certified automotive mechanic at a local car dealership. After nearly 20 years of devoted service, he made the decision to leave the dealership and start his own European auto repair shop with an emphasis on British cars. And so, Spitzer Automotive was born; and since, has continued to provide the highest standards of excellence for European auto repair.

Today, Spitzer Automotive is still a trusted, family owned and operated auto repair center for British and European automobile enthusiasts. We have a strong devotion to old-fashioned Midwestern beliefs of honesty and quality, which throughout the years, has earned us a reputation for dependability and value. You can trust us for personalized service, honest prices, and outstanding results. Call us at 317-253-3331 if you would like to discuss your European auto repair and service needs with a friendly office attendant, today.

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Spitzer Automotive Services
ADDRESS: 5130 Brouse Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46205
PHONE: 317-253-3331